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360 Fit Session

Developing Personal Fitness Goals

Individual Progress Plans From Our Fitness experts

Upon joining our fitness club, members receive a complimentary and comprehensive fitness assessment. Our 90-minute evaluation begins with meeting our friendly and knowledgeable fitness advisor and creating personalized goals and strategies together. We examine your mobility and range of motion by using Functional Movement Screening techniques.  We will conduct video analysis of these movements as well, so you can see your body in motion.  The purpose of this is to have an understanding of your range of motion and any limitations you may have.  We want to be sure that we can get you moving at optimal levels in order to achieve maximum results.  

You can also undergo an advanced 3D body scan, which explores your body composition, measurements and possible health risks. Our body scan serves as a multifaceted tool for tracking progress and can illuminate even subtle improvements, such as posture and Body Mass Index (BMI) when clients feel they aren’t noticing results. We highlight our Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type (FITT) exercise principles as the key to our clients’ fitness success. The streamlined health assessment is compiled into an informative 13-page report. This report is a helpful benchmark reference as you track your fitness improvement throughout participation in our programs.

To conclude the assessment, your advisor will guide you through several different options. The dialogue you create together will decide which fitness plan will safely and effectively achieve your ideal results. For a better look at the technology and techniques of our fitness assessments, contact us with an inquiry and we can show you a demonstration first-hand.  Many people choose to work with a coach at the beginning to ensure they learn everything they need to.  Ultimately, the choice is yours and we are here to support you in every way possible.  

Our most notable literature resources are the American Council of Exercise and the American College of Sport Medicine.

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