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360 KIDS

360 KIDS is a fun and engaging exercise program geared towards the youth of today and the future of tomorrow! Our classes, led by certified movement trainers, include skills, challenges and obstacle courses where your kiddos will push, pull, run, throw, lift, climb and jump. 
Kids gain improved fitness and elevated athleticism, becoming stronger, faster, more flexible and more coordinated. 
360 Kids build a foundation for healthy habits through learning that a combination of eating right, staying active and being confident to make wise choices outside the gym walls.
They learn what it means to be a part of a  like-minded community of friends who share a common bond, challenge each other and lift each other up.
We create an environment that is teaching them how to focus, work hard, how to fail, how to practice, and how to succeed. These are all great life lessons that translate outside the gym.
Our youth will be more willing to step outside their comfort zones to realize their true potential!
kidFIT – Our goal is to support our children, ages 4-8, toward a healthy lifestyle. Our fun and engaging program is packed full of movement, activities, routines that promote fitness, health and wellness, together.

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