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360 Signature Series Training

Focused training • intimate class sizes

Programming for Everybody. And Any Body.

Our 360 Signature Series Training encompasses a variety of programs designed to ensure our members get the results they need.  Programs run in various duration’s of 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks.  Here is some of what we offer in our 360 Signature Series Training!  Plus many more! *Not all programs run at the same time.  See our calendar of events for a list of start dates.*

  • Kettle Kamp – Learn to use Kettlebells to maximize the results you want in this fun, yet intense workout using a variety of kettlebells and your body weight!  You will gain strength, firm up and build core strength like never before with Kettle Kamp!
  • Ropes and Landmines – All Aboard!  This fun exhilarating program will have you trying new and exciting training techniques.  Learn how to use your body to your advantage to shake those ropes and move the landmine, building a strong solid foundation!  
  • 360 SPEC – Speed, Power, Endurance and Cardio are what makes the body go with this heart thumping program!  Move station to station at timed intervals to push your body and your mind.  Lose weight, feel great and have fun in this 30 minute HIIT Program!
  • Stroller Camp – Calling all Mama’s and Papa’s!  Get moving with your little one and build a foundation for fitness that will last a lifetime!  Sweat and connect with your babe and love every minute of it, while toning, strengthening and meeting new parents alike!
  • Balls to the Wall – Sounds fun right?  Well, it is!  Slam those medicine balls to the ground, toss the in the air, and slam them off the wall to let it all out!  You will build coordination, strength, stability and sweat your butt off with this (as the names states) balls to the wall workout!
  • Bridal Bootcamp – Calling all brides and bridesmaids!  Get ready for your special day in a special way!  Those wedding photos and memories will last a lifetime.  Look and feel your best on the day you’ve forever dreamed about.  
  • 360 Sprints – Whether running, biking, cranking or rowing, it’s all about a sprint.  Get your heart rate elevated, tap into that fat burning zone and burn massive calories with this program!  Mix in some body weight movements and you’ll be as lean as can be in no time!
  • Human Foundations – learn how your body is supposed to move in this series of progressional classes that will help improve your posture, focus on proper breathing techniques and enhance your overall stability and movement. 
  • Turf Zone 360 – using the sled, box jumps, bands, free weights and much more.. we have HIIT style training to maximize your fat loss and muscle building. 
  • danceFIT – Time to unwind. Dance, move and sweat – 45 minutes of dance cardio to let it all out. This class is designed for all levels of Dance AND fitness! It doesn’t matter if you’re a hair brush and mirror superstar or a backup dancer for Beyoncé – you come to sweat – shred – and have some fun with some good music from top 40 to some classics! Build a booty too – but that’s just a bonus.
  • 360 Glute Lab – we are here to help you learn how to engage your posterior chain and activate your glutes. One on one full body split training sessions you will learn how, when and what movements and exercises should feel like with proper body awareness. To increase strength and power, improve aesthetics and help reduce injury.

Plus more! 

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