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Meet Our Team

Our Owners, Personal Trainers and Fitness Experts

Club Owners


Dave Miller

Club Owner/Manager

Dave had been a part of Performance since 2001. He has a passion for service and bringing together the community to provide a fitness and wellness facility for all to be proud of. He loves working with his team every day and our members to watch them all achieve their fitness goals and beyond!

Personal Trainers

ANNETTE VanBOMMELL performance-360-staff-051

Annette Vanbommel

Personal Trainer, Motion Training Specialist & Seniors Fitness Instructor

Annette has been a part of the Performance team since 2006.  She has grown and thrived within the fitness industry.  She has a passion for health and wellness and specializes in baby boomers and seniors training.  She has achieved goals with clients that are unthinkable, reminding all that “Fitness has no age limits”

DEE JORDAN performance-360-staff-039

Dee Jordan

Personal Trainer and Group Instructor

Dee came to the Performance team after being a training client.  Her passion for fitness was ignited after getting results herself with a trainer.  She has taken that knowledge and passion and is a true leader within our club, sparking a drive for fitness for all that she comes in contact with!

ADINA RAINBIRD performance-360-staff-034

Adina Rainbird

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

With a loud commanding voice, no one goes unnoticed as much as this girl!  Adina lives a life of fitness and wellness and embraces this everyday.  She motivates, encourages and does so with a smile, bringing together groups of people to create a fitness fun atmosphere for all to enjoy!

ERICH DEMARS performance-360-staff-013

Erich Demars

Personal Trainer and Registered Kinesiologist

Erich is a Kinesiology grad from Waterloo.  He loves working with clients, setting new goals, athletic training and working with our cardiac rehabilitation patients to create a new life for themselves!

NATALIE SQUAZZIN performance-360-staff-064

Natalie Squazzin

Personal Trainer and Group Instructor

Natalie is a Human Kinetics Grad from University of Windsor.  She is a fitness competitor, and brings a youthful cheer to the club and all those that she surrounds herself with.  With a passion for natural health and wellness and various forms of therapy, Natalie is sure to get you results from a great training program!

BILLY PAXTON performance-360-staff-055

Billy Paxton

Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Following in the footsteps of his family who is fitness minded and passionate, Billy works with individuals and groups alike to have fun in one on one sessions, High Intensity Classes or sports specific training that allows people to reach new heights!

DANIELA DEBIASI performance-360-staff-047


Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Registered Yoga Instructor &Thai Yoga Therapy Practioner

ADAM GLADUE performance-360-staff-004


Personal Trainer, Fitness Adviser & Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner 

KRISTIN MEDINA performance-360-staff-068


Personal Trainer, Fitness Adviser, Fascia Mobility Trainer & Certified Movement and Mobility Specialist

BRITTANY PEEL performance-360-staff-090


Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

Strength – for pregnancy and beyond!

Prenatal and postpartum training available to prepare you for pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood. You deserve the best!

The massive changes of pregnancy, the demands of childbirth and the non-stop physical tasks of motherhood can be quite the challenge.. don’t let your fitness level stop you from being your best self through the whole process or whatever stage of the game you are at, and have decided to work with a professional!

I want you to enjoy each stage of this journey and become stronger because of it! I have a passion for women’s fitness, especially since becoming a mother just over a year ago. My training approach is specialized. Just like training for any event, the demands of pregnancy, and motherhood are specific and the training should be too!

Let’s meet and discuss you and your goals.

JAY HALLATT performance-360-staff-043


Personal Trainer & Registered Nutritionist

Jay received his diploma in Natural Nutrition from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. He loves to educate individuals how to improve their quality of life. His experience coaching injury-recovery clients to competitive athletes and a constant thirst for learning, provides his clients with a plethora of knowledge of wellness



Personal Trainer & 360 Coach

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