MX4 Small Group Training

Focused interval training in intimate class sizes

Programming for Everybody. And Any Body.

Not everyone thrives in a mass bootcamp-style environment. Performing interval training can be difficult when you can hardly hear the instructions and you find yourself tripping over others to find the next station. We offer a unique alternative to typical bootcamps with the same proven and timely results. MX4 Small Group Training is a high-intensity, 30-minute interval workout with a maximum class size of only 8 members. You will get focused attention and coaching with the same motivational enthusiasm other bootcamps offer, without the stress and confusion.

The results of MX4 Small Group Training rely on 4 keystone pillars: strength, power, endurance and cardio. Our coaches offer continuous guidance to reduce the risk of personal injury and ineffectively executing exercise moves. If an intimate, focused, social, atmosphere is the type of group training that appeals to you, you can learn more about our MX4 Small Group Training by contacting us in the form below.

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