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Personal Training

Personal Training and Health Coaching

Partner with a qualified trainer to accomplish your fitness goals

Performance 360 is proud to provide a well-rounded, educated and fitness-passionate team, keen and driven to support our members and our community. We feel that every goal is attainable. We work with you to establish an ideal fitness plan, based on your individual needs and objectives. Our collaborative approach uses our clients’ input and leading exercise science as the framework to perfectly tailor our training programs.

The fabric of our personal training mindset is education and encouragement. We want to provide a fun, supportive and inspiring atmosphere for all members. We especially want to emphasize the quality and credibility of our fitness personnel. Drawing from formal backgrounds in Health and Exercise Sciences, our trainers work to continuously learn and implement new techniques.

Visit our Meet Our Team page if you’re curious to read more about who we are. Take a moment to fill out the form below and our trainers will be happy connect with you!

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