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Seven Mistakes People Make

When Choosing a Gym


Seven Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Gym 

  1. Does your facility of choice offer a free in-depth fitness assessment that will help you achieve your goals? This should include body composition, measurements, health risk analysis, postural analysis, functional movement screening and goal setting to ensure you are successful!
  2. Choose a facility that meets you where you are at. Everyone has different abilities. Whether you choose to work with a personal trainer or elect to get a free equipment orientation (this should be available to you!) and on-going education, be sure your facility has your best interests in mind.
  3. Putting price before health. Most facilities are within a few dollars of each other. Be sure you get value for your money. Often times people look to save a few bucks a month on a membership, but they don’t realize they spend that difference and more on coffee, eating out and other antagonistic things that go against their health. With no disrespect to our local coffee shops and eateries, people seek to spend $3-$7 on high calorie drinks daily. Even cutting back by 1/4 could make up the difference. You get one body and one life. Make the most of it!
  4. Choose a fitness club that has a team of educated, experienced and fitness passionate individuals. There is massive value in a staff that has both experience and education. Make sure they can help you!
  5. Does your gym know whether you have been going or not? Do you feel as though they just want your money? Choose a place that holds you accountable to why you initially began. Yes, life gets busy, but don’t you want a club that cares?
  6. Does your club offer a variety of classes, training programs, equipment and are they continuously looking to be innovative to ensure that fitness never gets boring? Variety is the spice of life! Fitness can get mundane if you don’t switch it up once in a while. Look for a club that has a wide variety of programming to make this journey fun for you!
  7. Be sure you choose a club that offers free knowledge and education. Do they have a newsletter and blog? Do they offer seminars? There is power in knowledge. Knowledge gives you the ability to take massive action to get massive results.

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